Fully embedded camera-based driver assistance for industrial vehicles and mobile machinery

emitrace™ is the new fully embedded vision system for intelligent driver assistance and accident prevention on heavy industrial vehicles. By continuously monitoring a defined risk zone, it alerts the vehicle driver with visual or audible signals as soon as a potential risk for collision is identified.

emitrace™ driver assistance at a glance

Personnel equipped with standard reflective garments
Vehicle equipped with emitrace™ sensor unit
Driver cabin equipped with warning module

Patented embedded vision technology for reliable detection under different operating conditions

emitrace™ uses patented RefleX vision technology to detect workers with help of reflective markers on standard high-visibility work garments. This detection principle makes emitrace™ robust to changing lighting conditions and is therefore highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in day- and nighttime operation.


Your advantages with emitrace™

Fully embedded all-in-one design
No need for additional processing units or PCs
Patented RefleX vision technology
Reliable detection under lighting conditions ranging from broad daylight to complete darkness
Flexible retro-fit
Efficient installation and setup on a broad range of mobile industrial machinery

Use Cases

Driver Assistance

emitrace is installed on the vehicle and connected to a status indicator lamp installed in the driver cabin. The lamp indicates to the driver whether a person is detected in a predefined risk zone by delivering visual and audible warning signals.

Vehicle Control

emitrace is installed on the vehicle and delivers sensory input to a vehicle central control unit. Based on the position and velocity information of detected objects the control unit automatically acts on the breaking system of the vehicle.

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