Patented camera technology for the safe industry of the future

Keep your work environment safe with emitrace – the new embedded industrial-grade sensor system for heavy vehicles. Emitrace detects workers wearing reflective safety garments and delivers warning signals when an imminent risk of an accident is identified. Emitrace works under a wide range of different lighting conditions in industrial indoor and outdoor applications.


Why emitrace?

Every year, several hundred industrial workers are reported dead and several thousands of employees suffer heavy injuries due to the operation of heavy mobile machinery at industrial work sites. Most often, the reasons for the accidents are found to be limited view for the driver and blind angles around the large and bulky vehicles. emitrace helps vehicle drivers to be aware of personnel located in blind spots and alerts them in case of an imminent danger.

Use Cases

Driver Assistance

emitrace is installed on the vehicle and connected to a status indicator lamp installed in the driver cabin. The lamp indicates to the driver whether a person is detected in a predefined risk zone by delivering visual and audible warning signals.

Vehicle Control

emitrace is installed on the vehicle and delivers sensory input to a vehicle central control unit. Based on the position and velocity information of detected objects the control unit automatically acts on the breaking system of the vehicle.