emitrace® Driver Assistance

Human Workforce Protection with Embedded AI-powered Vision Technology

Increase safety at your industrial work site and equip your vehicles with emitrace® driver assistance. The industrial-grade vision system detects human workforce in the vicinity of the host vehicle and makes the driver aware of their presence through visual or audible alarm signals. Building on the proven AI-powered RefleX™ vision technology, emitrace® detects workers by sensing the reflective markers on common high-visibility clothing. The underlying detection principle enables emitrace┬« to cope with a wide range of illumination conditions and makes it highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in day- and nighttime operation.

Accident Prevention with emitrace® Driver Assistance at a Glance

1. Equip your workforce with high-visibility work clothing. The retro-reflective stripes on the safety garments provide the necessary signature required by emitrace® to actively detect workers both in daylight and nighttime conditions.

2. Equip your vehicle with one or several emitrace® sensor units with integrated data processing capabilities. Power is provided by the vehicle battery system and no further infrastructure is required.

3. Equip the driver cabin with one of several possible warning modules for providing visual or audible warning signals to the driver. As soon as a worker appears in a predefined risk zone, the module is activated.

Advantages with emitrace® Driver Assistance

Improved Safety

emitrace® helps vehicle drivers and machine operators to be more aware of workers in the surrounding and anticipate potentially riskful driving situations that could lead to accidents.

Embedded Design

Thanks to their embedded data processing capability, emitrace® sensor units are efficiently installed on a broad range of vehicle types without any further need for onboard PCs or data processing infrastructure.

Efficient Deployment

The underlying detection principle solely requires workers to wear standard high-visibility clothing with reflective markers and does not involve any powered devices on the personnel.

Reliable Performance

Thanks to embedded RefleX™ vision technology, emitrace® is robust to changing lighting conditions and is therefore highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in day- and nighttime operation.

Flexible Integration for an Optimal Driving Assistance Experience

emitrace® is designed for efficient integration and retro-fit on a wide range of industrial vehicles and machinery used in material handling, construction or mining. The sensor units are designed with flexibility in mind and provide an interface with versatile integration possibilities:

1. The signal interface offers flexible and configurable options for connecting visual or audible warning lamps or buzzers placed in the driver cabin.

2. Ethernet provides a convenient interface to connect a laptop computer and setup and configure emitrace® with only a web browser.

3. Power emitrace® through the battery system of the vehicle and use the additional input state signals for controlling when the sensor is activated or deactivated.


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