Smart Software Modules for Mobile Robotics, Machine Vision and AI

ecceleron software packages make it possible to solve a broad range of complex tasks and challenges in the deployment of mobile robotic systems. They cover numerous areas from sensor calibration, robot motion control, localization and mapping to management of autonomous robot fleets. With its modular structure, the software collection offers an invaluable set of building blocks for efficiently designing complex mobile autonomous applications.

Accelerated Deployment of Mobile Robotic Systems with ecceleron Software Modules

Integrating the most recent developments from robotics and artificial intelligence research, ecceleron represents a solid base for accelerating your R&D and product development process and building the next-generation robotics solution.


Vision & Tracking

Tracks your mobile platform from an external camera with help of active or passive markers! Ecceleron™ Vision & Tracking enables real-time tracking of multiple systems with the emitrace® machine vision system.


Control & Navigation

Makes your robotic platform drive on its own while avoiding obstacles on the way! ecceleron Robot Control & Navigation offers a comprehensive tool set for generating smooth and efficient robot motions.


Localization & Mapping

Produces position estimates of a mobile robot from on-board sensor data! ecceleron Localization & Mapping further provides rich tools for building and updating maps from data of various range sensors.


Coordination & Fleet Control

Enables a complete robot fleet to drive simultaneously! ecceleron Coordination & Fleet Control offers tools for deployment of safe, on-the-fly planned, deadlock-free multi-robot operations.


Calibration & Sensing

Helps you to get the best output of your sensors! ecceleron Calibration & Sensor Processing offers tools for sensor data analysis and for accurate estimation of their location with respect to other sensors.

Custom-tailored Software Integration for Your Mobile Robotics or Machine Vision Project

Ecceleron™ software modules integrate the most recent developments from research in robotics and artificial intelligence and offer a rich framework of cutting-edge algorithms to build custom-tailored solutions for your mobile robot or machine vision application. As a solid base framework it allows you to accelerate your R&D and product development process to efficiently build the next-generation robotics solution.