emitrace® Driver Assistance

Vision-based Accident Prevention for Industrial Vehicles and Mobile Machinery

Accidents resulting from heavy vehicle traffic are among the most common types of workplace accidents. Human workers on foot are continuously exposed to the risks posed by mobile machinery. Equip your vehicle fleet with emitrace® driver assistance and help vehicle drivers be more aware of their surroundings and prevent collision accidents between machinery and workers on foot. Using cutting-edge embedded machine vision technology, emitrace® detects human workers with the help of reflective features on common high visibility clothing.

R&D Insights

Retenua's Machine Vision Technology going Underground within 8.9 Million Euro Research Project IlluMINEation

Retenua has been granted funding from the European Union in the framework of Horizon 2020 research project illuMINEation. The multinational 3-year project with start in September 2020 is carried out by a consortium of 19 industrial companies, research institutions and universities, and will focus on digitalization aspects in underground mining operations in order to increase safety as well as environmental and economic performance factors. The strong group of project partners includes among other Swedish mining equipment provider Epiroc Rockdrills AB and mining company Boliden Mineral AB.

ecceleron™ Software Modules

Modular Software Solutions for Accelerated Deployment of Mobile Autonomous Systems

Building and deploying autonomous systems requires a complex interplay of system modules for the perception of the environment and the planning and execution of tasks and actions. ecceleron™ offers a powerful and modular solution for efficiently integrating more autonomy into your application and accelerating the time to market of your mobile robotic solution.