Intelligent Sensor Systems for the Smart Industry

Rafael Mosberger
CEO Retenua AB

At Retenua, we are passionate about designing intelligent AI-powered machine vision systems for industrial applications across manufacture, logistics, construction or mining. Our strong technological background in the engineering of camera systems in combination with the most recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, allow us to push the limits of machine vision applications for tracking personnel and equipment or locating and controlling fleets of autonomous robots.

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Fully Embedded Camera-based Driver Assistance for Industrial Vehicles and Mobile Machinery

Keep your work environment safe with emitrace® – the new embedded industrial-grade sensor system for heavy vehicles. emitrace® detects workers wearing reflective safety garments and delivers warning signals when an imminent risk of an accident is identified.

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Retenua Contributing to the Safe Mining Environments of the Future

Retenua is funded by EIT RawMaterials, the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide, and initiated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. With the support of EIT RawMaterials, Retenua is evaluating its patented sensor technology emitrace® for the protection of workers around heavy mobile machinery in surface and underground mines.

Especially the ability of Retenua's technology to cope with poorly illuminated work areas makes it highly suitable for dark underground environments and a canditate for a future standard in autonomous mining.